FECHA: 26 junio 2020
HORA TS: 22:00

Terreno:  Kunduz_Afghan
Equipación: RHS US army 101 airborne.
Meteorología:  De noche, despejado y seco

EDITOR: |R|Kiron




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2010, Southern Afghanistan’s Zhari District, 33 kilometers west of Kandahar City. The district is an insurgent hotbed filled with munitions caches and bomb making factories, all defended by a complex system of reinforcing defensive positions and belts of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Taliban insurgents repeatedly attacked International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) vehicles traveling Highway 1, the main east-west route between Gereshk and Kandahar City.
By September 2010, the 2d Brigade Combat Team (2 BCT), 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) assembled in Zhari north of Highway 1.

Operation NASHVILLE I is part of Operation DRAGON STRIKE, the brigade’s effort to drive the enemy away from Highway 1. In a series of consecutive, mutually supporting attacks, the goal of DRAGON STRIKE was to force the enemy as far south as the Arghandab River which is 13 kilometers south of Highway 1.
NASHVILLE I, scheduled for 26 September 2010, is a simultaneous attack from multiple directions against Taliban occupied areas south of Highway 1. Bravo Company will air-assault one kilometer directly south from FOB Howz-e Madad (flying over the enemy’s IED belts and other defenses) and attack the town of Baluchan, the main objective. Two platoons of Alpha Company will attack dismounted from the town of Paultercon, to Bravo Company’s west while Delta Company will attack with armored vehicles and heavy equipment from Spin Pir to Bravo’s east. US forces will be accompanied by ANA alied forces. Delta Company will also cut a road as it advances, with the help of a British Engineer company. The six companies will converge around Baluchan where Alpha and Bravo, with their Afghan allies, will “Back Clear”—turning north and systematically clearing the area of the Taliban, IED, and weapons manufacturing—while Delta and its ANA counterpart company will continue to drive south.

To assist Bravo, our platoon (recon platoon of the second batalion of the 502 infantry regiment of the 101 airborne division, 2-502 IN ) will air-assault 1,500 meters east/southeast of Baluchan to interdict Taliban reinforcements that might move toward Bravo Company. In addition, our platoon will prevent the enemy from flanking Delta Company. As Delta pushes south, it is expected that the platoon will trap the enemy between itself and Delta, a classic hammer-anvil maneuver.


  • Ocupar OP Dusty
  • Defender OP Dusty hasta la llegada de la compañia Delta



Fecha de inicio: 2010-10-26
Hora de inicio: 03:00h
Zona de inicio: FOB Howz-e Madad

  • Transporte aereo hasta HLZ Blue Jay en CH-47.
  • Desplazamiento nocturno en sigilo hasta OP Dusty
  • Despejar el interior de OP Dusty de posibles IEDs usando cargas explosivas lanzables
  • Reforzar las defensas de OP Dusty con los medios disponibles
  • Defender OP Dusty hasta la llegada de la compañia Delta, usando todos los recursos disponibles.
  • Se estima que la compañia Delta tardará en llegar aproximadamente 48h tras el inicio de la operación.


El peloton de reconocimiento mediante comunicación por radio puede disponer de:

  • CAS (AH-64D, AH-6, A-10, F-18)
  • Artilleria (82mm, 105mm, 155 mm)
  • Suministros (UH-60M)



  • No disponible. Espectador disponible.
  • Posibilidad de reincorporarse en otra unidad para la fase final de la misión.

Sistema ACE médico:

  • Solo el médico pueden aplicar salino. El médico se puede aplicar salino a si mismo.
  • Solo el médico puede aplicar kit quirurgico. Los kits quirurgicos se consumen.
  • Todos pueden aplicar EPA en el hospital de FOB Howz-e Madad.
  • Probabilidad de despertar: 5%
  • Multiplicador de epinefrina a la probabilidad de despertar: 10

Sistema ACE visión nocturna:

  • Se puede usar la mira con la visión nocturna.
  • Visión borrosa al usar la mira con visión nocturna.


  • CBA3
  • ACE3
  • ACEX
  • Task Force Radio
  • ace_RHSUSAF_cmp
  • ace_RHSAFRF_cmp
  • ace_RHSGREF_cmp
  • Project Opfor
  • Kunduz_afghan

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